The Use Of 3D Printing Is Increasing Out Of All Proportion

18 Jan 2021
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The Use Of 3D Printing Is Increasing Out Of All Proportion

The Use Of 3D Printing Is Increasing Out Of All Proportion

If you are looking for a company that can carry out 3D printing for you, no doubt you will Google “3D printing near me” or something similar. If you are anywhere in or around London and the Home Counties, at London 3D Printing, we are near you. The name is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it? We are based in Uxbridge in Middlesex but can easily provide your requirements anywhere in the Home Counties, and for that matter further afield. Many of our customers choose us because of our fast turnaround times and our pricing promise – we are never beaten on price!

Turnaround times are important. Let’s face it, when you have produced a design for a product or a building or anything else, then you want to see what it looks like “in the flesh” so to speak, and you don’t want to wait for weeks. You want to see if it is your final design or whether you may need to make some tweaks to it, and it is important that you can get on with the job.

Much the same applies to when you need small production runs of parts for something that you are creating. 3D printing is perfectly suited to small runs and can work out at far less than creating tooling for production by traditional methods.

For example, many of the major car manufacturers are using 3D printing. Audi has incorporated 3D printing into its’ design and prototyping at its’ centre in Ingoldstadt and is saving considerable time doing so. If you think of something as simple as tail-light covers, the prototypes have traditionally been created by moulding or milling. The problem with this is that the various parts of the multi-coloured covers of the housing have to be produced separately and then assembled. However, by using 3D printing, Audi have been able to produce them in a single print and have consequently reduced the prototyping lead times by half.

Volkswagen, too, is using 3D printing to produce tooling equipment in-house instead of having it produced by third party suppliers. As one example that they have given, the tooling for a tailgate badge used to take 35 days to produce and cost 400 Euro. By switching over to 3D printing they have cut the lead time to just four days and the cost to 10 Euro.

Another very important issue for car manufacturers is the one of spare parts. Inventory costs for storing spare parts, a lot of which may not be ordered very frequently, can be very high indeed. By switching over to 3D printing, those parts can be produced on demand as ordered, reducing the inventory considerably and at the same time improving delivery.

Daimler Buses has also started using 3D printing just this year to produce spare parts for its’ customers. It has a Centre of Competence for 3D Printing and has been looking at no fewer than 300,000 bus spare parts with a view to producing them on demand with 3D printing. They say that this means that they can produce spares in a few days compared with months, and that there is an additional benefit in the fact that the process creates less waste. Furthermore, any unused material can be used for the next 3D printing order.

Another big advantage of using 3D printing in the motor industry is that parts can be produced that are considerably lighter in weight than those produced traditionally. Because of the way that 3D printed products are produced, they can be made hollow and with internal supporting rather than a solid piece, which can result in a car part which is just as strong, if not stronger, yet uses less material.

As can readily be seen, there are many advantages to using 3D printing to produce all sorts of different products or parts for products. If you need 3D printing anywhere in the Home Counties and beyond, then don’t bother Googling “3D printing near me”. Instead, just email us at, call us on 07563 157777, or drop by and see us at 22 Riverside Way, Cowley, Uxbridge. UB8 2YF.

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